torsdag 17. mars 2011


Her sitter Suliskongen sammen med sine åtte døtre, hvorav syv skal ende opp som De Syv Søstre (en fjellkjede i på Hegelandskysten) mens den siste, Lekamøya, skrekkslagen blir til stein i Trøndelag et sted. Et trist sorti på mange måter.

As I notice that I have a few readers from far away countries and as I know that norwegian may not be the language of choice for everyone, I will add some words in english in my posts.
This illustration shows a family of trolls. The king is Suliskongen and around him is his eight daughters. The girl with the tallest crown is at the moment getting permission for all the girls to go to a party, not knowing that by morning they all will be chased by the bad Hestmannen and end up as mountains as the sun turns them into stone. A sad story, really.

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